Tuesday, December 7, 2010

as manuy of you know i did the track shack ouc half marathon. its time for the race review. overall i thought that this was a good race and was put on well. The only problems I had witjh this race was the fact that about 2 miles were on cobblestone. the medals at the end were amazing and i thought the volunteers were nice. There was one problem with the race though: it was near my house so therefore i knew exactly how much longer i had to go! i would definetly recomend this race to a friend if given the chance to! also this was a very good race for me because i pred!!!! my first time was 2:45 and this time i shedded around12 minutes! for me that is almost a full mile quicker! I was dedfinetly happy with the run and stayed with my mom for most of the race.

Rember keep running loose!!!

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