Friday, January 21, 2011

Ocala half marathon

Ahhh he we go again. Sorry guys for not posting but i wil keep posting consecutively now though. This weekend im planning on doing the ocala half marathon. I am definetly not planning on pring for one because my running schedule has been a little wacky and for two i messed my ankle up yesterday. This should be fun im going to do this mrhalftriing. if you will be there please lave a comment and i would love to meet you! but on a better note of me not posting often, i have been motivated by frayed laces to run and blog more. i was inspired when i read this: she really inspires me. i thought that it was amazing that she could run that far. I mena a hundred miles! thats farther than i could bike. Thats just amazxing. i want to congradulate her on that victourous bit that she performed. i wish all of you good luck with your runnign experiences!

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