Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ocala half marathon

The ocala half marathon was incredible. ill make this quick because im short on time. it was amazing well set up dwefinetly a A letter grade race. I believe that it was nice because every mile had a water stop and a porta potty. I got a pr of 2:28!! i got 6th place though. IF you want to see a better race review look at half triing. overall i will definetly do this again. if you view this often i am planning on updating more, with pictures, stories and a lot better detail. remember guys always keep running loose!!!!
ps if you would like to post a comment feel free too!!! any suggestions can be posted as a comment too. PS look at frayed laces hurt 100 i thought that t was amazing and cool. Also i will be a half fanatic because at ocala half marathon i qualified for it!!!!
so remember keep running loose!!!!

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