Monday, April 4, 2011

Sorry to all of those who keep up

Well let me stasrt off by saying this : i am sorry you guys have been more than devoted to following or looking at my blog.  But as a bad blogger i havent updated it because i seemed not to have success from it!  SO let me say this I did pick up a new sport and its road cycling.  while im not amazing i believe i have the skill level to become very good.  whuile i wont be riding for team radioshack any time soon i will put my heart and determination into this sport.  (This doesnt mean i'm not gonna run its still a nice sport!)  WHile we are talkiung about determination i need to make a commitment to you guys.  I know i have been slacking but i will try to psot at least once a week and i hope that i wil post more often than that.  But i do want to ask a favor from you guys that are reading this blog!  You guys support me and i thank you for that.  But im having trouble getting publicity and opageviews. i mean come on i only have 50 views!  My goal for you guys is to help me send my page to friends and please follow and subscribe.  Im willing to give a special first edition teen running loose prize pack to those who help support my blog and help me out.  Heres the kicker.  You have to send emails to your friends with my link and get them to look at it.  Also you have to leave comments at least 1 time a week.  I will give this prize to the most devoted follower.  So when you leave xcomments make them good.  But when am i going to give away the prize?  Oh i know when!!!  Heres where i tell you when i am going to count and look at my followers and tell you when im gonna give away the prize.  Once i get at least 400 views and 5 followers then i will give away the prize!! 

Items that will be included:  (note: Some of the items may or may not be included and this prize pack wont be super huge!) Gu's maybe running books, maybe a pair of socks for running, and some other random things that i think you guys might enjoy.  SO please help me out so i can write more and make this blog more interesting!

Rember always keep running loose no matter what!!!!!!!!!

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