Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T T (Triathlon Time)

A young Lance Armstrong being interviewed after a triathlon. 
Lance won many triathlons in his area

    Triathlon, A fun event that combines more than just one sport but a total of three sports.  Some argue triathlon to be a very complicated sport because not only do you have to be good at just one sport to win, You have to be good at all three to win!  Well Lately I have been thinking,  I've been thinking that I should try my hand at Triathlon to see just how demanding and how successful I could be in triathlon. 


 I kind of imagine myself as a young lance armstrong because lance armstrong started out triathloning before he moved to strictly cycling.
Lance Armstrong later became extremely succesful in Road cycling and won the Tour de France. 

Many of you guys may ask me "Why do you want to do a triathlon what made you come up with the idea?"
Well I got the idea from my parents, my mom's boyfriend will be doing a Half Ironman (a mile or so swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, then a 13.1 mile run) in the next coming months.  He told me that triathlon is a lot of fun and that it really helps you understand multiple things at once and further prepration for what comes in the future.  So I started training and still am.  I would appreciate any support I can get from you guys!

But heres what i want to know?  Can any of you help me with training and if you do triathlons i want some information and tips.  If you do not do triathlon then i encourage you to try your hand at multisport or triathlon.

Please leave a commwnt and always rember to keep running loose!!!


  1. It is great u are gonna tri a tri. Maybe join a local tri club. Also, tons of free, decent workouts can be found online.

  2. I just got this months triathlete magazine. It is a special beginners edition. Really good article with training plan. May 2011 edition.

  3. Hey man thanks a lot for First off commenting and for second off Being my first follower!!!! This honestly means a lot to me, but please stay in touch often because i would love to talk about sports and other things. But i have a question, Do you run bike or do triathlon? also if there is anything you would like to see me post on please leave me a comment!